Marching Band

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the C.C.I. Community Marching Band! Our town Collingwood has had a rich history of marching bands dating all the way back to the 1940's. The last marching band though ended in the early 1970's, close to 50 years ago.

The marching band is made of several different important compontents:

  1. The backbone of the this band is the "A Band" and "B Band", which forms the bulk of the instrumentalists. Participation of this band in the marching tradition goes back over 20 years in the local Collingwood Santa Claus Parade, and we're proud that this group now has the equipment and uniforms to do it in style! Not only that, but we're also excited that this group will have the opportunity to show their talents in the Owen Sound Parade, Collingwood Parade, Toronto Parade, Markham Parade, Fenelon Falls Parade, and Creemore Parade. This marching tradition forms an integral part of the Sr. Concert band calendar, with all students participating.

  2. The cost of participation in the marching band is $85.00 which covers a portion of the costs of transportation to all parades, accommodations and/or special events. It does not cover the cost of food. Please note that the marching band is a coming together of the "A Band" and "B Band", and as such, is part of the "A Band" and "B Band" schedule. If you are a member of the "A Band" and "B Band" in a given year, the band will be in the parades, and you need to make sure all dates needed are clear. If you are on the band trip, the easiest way to cover this cost is as a deduction to the benchmark payments. That way a separate cheque does not need to be brought in, and there is the potential to pay for this cost via fundraising. If you are not participating in the larger yearly trip, then we will need the $85.00 covered directly via cash or cheque, prior to the parades beginning.

  3. Our flag carriers (colour guard) are most often made up of grade nine students. We're happy to have them involved in this way! Because there are often more students wanting to participate than there are flags available, we approach the colour guard as a volunteer position, with positions filled on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. Our drum line is formed using percussionists from several different bands. While the drumline forms part of the expected role of the "A Band" member, other drummers from other bands are also given first opportunity to participate. If there are still openings in the drumline, then we offer these positions to interested "A Band" members first, and then secondly to members of the "B Band".
  5. While the vast majority of the band is comprised of "A Band" and "B Band" members, we also allow interested community members to join for these special public celebrations at Christmas. Our hope is that a natural link will be formed between the "C.C.I. component" and the community at large.